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Can't upload a script to my Arduino mini

I just received my first Arduino. I hooked up a pro mini Atmega 328 to a breadboard along with a mini Usb adapter.

I read all the directions on the Arduino site on how to hook both of these up and followed the recipe HERE.

This is what it looks like.

First arduino setup

Can't trigger this relay with signal from my picaxe

I have been trying to get this relay to trigger from a "high" signal from the picaxe 28x1 I am using. As you can clearly see, I am missing some of the technical knowledge to debug this simple issue.

This darn relay

I have tested that the high signal is sent properly with a LED. It works. I also tested that the relay works when I pass current directly into it from my battery. 

programing a Tiny13a directly from a mini USB board

Is that possible?

I have a handful of the tiny13a chips and would like to program them but all I have at the moment is an Arduino mini USB board. I found a couple of tutorials on how to program an Arduino Mini using the board and I found a few tutorials explaining how to program a tiny13a chip using an Arduino board but there seems to be a small gap there that I can't figure out.

Do I need to get myself an Arduino Uno or a mini or something? The USB board has a TX and RX but that's it.


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Inconsistent readings from a HC-SR40

Stumped again! 

I am building a new little guy and I am getting consistently bad readings now that I have added more code to the program. Let me explain....

I double checked that the hardware is ok. 

Hardware 01

I tested the different elements seperately: Speaker, motors, sensor, etc. The sensor was tested using the little piece of code I keep around, inspired from the YDMII.

symbol trig = 4 

SRF04 vs. SRF05

I used the SRF05 on a previous robot I built a while back and it was pretty impressive. It was also a little expensive. I just got a deal on a box of SRF04's and got them but I can't really find the main difference between the two models.

Can someone illuminate me?

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