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Hooking up a computer to a servo?

So I've seen some people using a laptop as the brains for their bot as opposed to a microprocessor... but here's my question... how the hell do you hook up a servo to a laptop? What do i need??

Cup recognition for cup lifting robot

So I'm going on to improve my robot and hopefully he'll become far more advanced but in the meantime I was hoping to model the fritsl's "Bernard the Cuplifter" robot.


So here's my question. I was thinking of how to script to recognize a cup to lift. 

 here's my idea. Let me know any alternative ideas or imput on it


If there's an obsticle center move head right check distance is > center

If distance > center on the right then pan head left check distance > center

V2 power

so I have a build your first bot part 2 and I have the power set up with about 5.5V on the far left pin grounded on the far right and to the battery clip about 3.8V (low batteries) for fun to see if I can get him running any better. I'm also trying to add arms in the nearby future so I thought it would be good to learn. THing is when I hook this up his servos go on crack and no even all the motors move. any suggestions?!
Big thanks to fritz. I had a robot that was a bit autistic for awhile but I've learned so much I'm about ready to advance to a larger project. I can't thanks fritz … Read more