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MOONBOTS 2011 robot design proposal


Me and a couple of my friends are participating the moonbots 2011 challenge. This is our robot design proposal. Please do read it and suggest improvements






Chassis –

Really small RF receiver

hey guys,

so i am building a really small robot( 25 X 25 X 10 mm) and i want it to be remote control. I wanted it to be controlled by IR initially but i found that IR cannot work in direct sunlight so i thought i need an RF unit. Do you guys know of any really small RF receivers. I was thinking of those used in real cars for door unlocking. What do you guys think??

quadrapod coding

my last post was not very appropriate so i will try to comply with rules as much as possible this time.

my latest projects for the school fair are a robotic hand and a quadrapod

I am done with the mechanics of the quadrapod. It uses a picaxe and only has 4 servos

i noticed that delays as long as 1 second in the code makes my quadrapod very slow.

i was wondering what can i do to reduce the delays and make it move faster

my code to make the pod move forward is as follows:-



servo 3, 100

servo 2, 100

coding help

i'm done making a robot hand fr my school fair. it uses 1 flex sensor and 1 servo...i found a code fr it on itp...this is fr arduino...but sadly something happened and my fake arduino mega burnt out....now i have 2 do it on my picaxe

the arduino code is this


piezo sensor ground


i am making an electronic drum pad using piezos and midi interface..so i found this website who sells drum kit pcb's... 

so, on the drum kit pcb they connected everything i expected it needed except they donot ground the piezo

http://www.flickr.com/photos/spikenzie/3529526437/in/set-72157618031516919/ front part

LCD monitor

hey, guys i recently bought this lcd


i dont want to plug it an outlet so i want to plug it into a battery pack

the power rating is 12 volts so do u think i could run it with this

object detection

okay guys, after 2 weeks , i got time to do something ....i tried to make a object detector with an srf05

here's my logic

take readings from srf05, convert them into cm measurement, the servo keeps moving from 75 to 225 and backagain and loops, then if the srf05 reads anything below 10 cms(an object), it assumes that it is the object and the servo stops moving and if the object is removed the reading increases and serovo keeps on moving again

that is pretty lame but it is logical

now i face a couple of problems

Object tracking with a SRF05 sensor

hey guys, 

i was interested in building an object tracker using my srf05 sensor. i got an answer from CtC which i did'nt understand clearly, so any suggestions on how i can do it?

For my second project, i decided to upgrade a bit on my first robot. The only extra part is a line follower kit (AXE 121) which i had already acquired from Tech … Read more

connecting an LCD to picaxe 28X1 project board

Recently, I ripped open a toy and it had an LCD display connected to a board.I want to connect my Picaxe 28X1 project board to the LCD so i can display messages on it


this is the picture of the LCD, if you want more pictures please let me know.

Help will be appreciated


new picture

this is the board attached to the LCD