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  Hello friends, supporters!   I want to show you my robot, assembled in BEAM technology (my favorite of the milestones of technology). A little history ...   Read more

The manufacture of electronic schemes under the order

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We are beginners in this case, although their tasks are not time produced a variety of devices for robots. We produce a free circuit of robots for the site www.servodroid.ru, and now want to go to a higher level, and to receive finally for its fruit a little more money. Everyone knows that robotics is a hobby very expensive...


Robots of technical garbage! Assemble your robot from improvised stuff, broke TV sets, DVD, printers, and so. Fantasy sdes limitless. The robot can even just to blink, or move without thinking.
All greetings! I wish to share with you mine the project. Last year I have started to work with this theme, - to develop the automated complex for protection … Read more
Hello respected! Wanted will share with you our "project". (Excuse for transfer, I translate from Russian) 1.   Read more

Open international Offline competitions on a robotics!



Site "the Robotics-our the future..." Begins a set of participants for "Opened Offline competitions on a robotics", in a direction "Following on a line". All interested persons are invited, the age is not limited.

  Всем привет ! Недавно создал статью на сайте http://rassionrobots.ucoz.ru/news/svetofil_na_batarejke/2010-07-02-176 о … Read more




Digital module after installation roboplatformu, keeps it on the line while moving forward. In sostavtsifrovogo module includes the following functional units: a memory element in the trigger, PWM variable speed motors, adjustable brightness infrared LED, a differential controller sensitivity phototransistor circuit active engine braking.