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how to make a fully autonomous car .powered by gps

hey , its been too long since i last visited this site. 


since i am being stck in my college project so i thought this would be the best place to ask,

so guyz i m working on a fully autonomous robo car vehicle like this one :autonomous car.

how to control movement

hi ,

    i would like to know that is there any method of designing a robotic arm which is controlled by imitating the movement ,that is , it follows the movement of your arm with same speed and acceleration. 

if yes then tell me the components to make the controller.

how to get higher output.

i am making a robot using transistor as a switch .

i am using a bc693 transistor but want higher current output approxly. 200mAmp

i previously used a 2n3904 transistor also ,

my supply is 500mAmp.