Let's Make Robots!

Getting into Arduino

   Well my friends, I think its time for me to enter the world of arduino.  After working on my last project (I will post it soon, its for the google science fair so I just have to finish up it's website.) I have deciced ill have a go at arduino.  The reason I came to this conclusion is I needed something that can do simple multi-tasking.  During my google science fair project (That I will post soon to LMR) I needed to do two things at once.  The first was very simple.  I just wanted it to go down and come back a little to the side of the first path down a

Navigates around delivering drinks and finding IR LEDS.
Using a
 ***** Updates on bottom*****    After building the "Start Here Project"  I wanted to do a few things with my next project Read more
   One thing I do before I even start to order parts is to get a notebook.  In it I write down ideas, parts, prices, where to buy from, where to find data … Read more

What I think would be fun...

    I think we have a lot of talented people here who would all look at a problem different.  I think it would be fun for someone to think of a problem that you could solve a million different ways and have everyone take a shot at trying to solve it if they want.  Then I think it would be interesting to see all the solutions.  If the problem was simple than you could have people try to solve it simpley and straightfoward and others who would think outside the box and over complicate it.  It would be like a challenge but the prize would be th