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For christmas 2013 I got a 2 motor + 2 encoder rover 5 and dagu 4ch motor controller. For now I dont have any set purpose for him beyond using it as an experiment … Read more
Right now - wiggle his feet a bit, in future - walk around my room.
Using a
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My first robot. A crudely built clone of the start here robot using a raspberry pi and an HC-SR04 ultrasound sensor. A friend named it when I mentioned that I had … Read more

Arduino shields on the raspberry pi

Flicking through hackaday as you do and found an article that may be of interest to those using the raspberry pi.




The article then links here:


Difference between 328 and 328P

I was looking on the atmel product catalogue and saw that the AtMega328 that seems farily common has a 328 and 328P variation. Only thing I can see on the atmel site is that the 328P has picopower. What is this and what effect does it have? Which of the 2 is generally more suitable for usage in a robot?

My assumption was that the picopower will operate on lower voltages but the datasheets on the atmel site seem identical in that respect unless its an error on there part.

Wireless video transmission

Been looking into mounting a camera onto a radio controlled plane for a possible school project. Just wondering about whether there are any wirelessly transmitting cameras to transmit video to a laptop with enough range to be put on a plane. i've seen alot that use an sd but this isnt suitable as the video needs to be viewed while in flight.

Any ideas anyone?
I'm in the UK not that its of any imporance (i think)

Using An Xbee With I-Phone?

Browsing through sparkfun I found an ipod connector breakout board and a pin-out diagram. It appears to be that the ipod/phone have serial rx and tx pins. It also has the usual ground connectors and a 3.3v supply.

Would these pins be enough to hook up an xbee module?


pinout list: http://www.kineteka.com/PodBreakout-v1.aspx

Allow just about any sketchup model to be animated within a real time physics engine
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