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Science Fair Experience

On Saturday, March 15, I went to the Massachusetts Regional Science Fair. In order to qualify for the state level competition I needed to get top 40 of all the projects.
Navigate around via ultrasound, create 2d Maps
Using a
GPS Waypoints, Autonomous navigation
Hello LMR, This is one of my robots that I have been working on for a while. I have'nt posted it yet because I wanted to make sure I have a lot done. I use the … Read more

Help with Programming (arduino)


I've been working on my new robot, which has a lynxmotion A4WD1 base with an arduino as its microcontroller. I must confess that I am not the best programmer and I am still learning. I have found the follow code online and I was wondering if anyone could help me adjust it to be able to turn left and right. As of right now the program only tells the motors to go foward or reverse at full speed or half speed. The code:


 #include <SoftwareSerial.h>

Just got a Kinect!


I got my netbook and I am installing ubunta and ros


For christmas I got a couple of robot parts. This robot consists of two continuous rotation servos, a small caster, an arduino uno and a 7.2 nimh battery. I … Read more
Rc controlled car
I was bored and halloween was right around the corner, so I made this. I ripped the electronics out of an old rc car. I used some hot glue to construct the chasis. … Read more

Face Tracking with Processing and Arduino

I was wondering if anyone can help me with my code. So I am using my camera on my macbook pro. In processing, the tracking software works almost perfectly, I am using opencv. Then through serial the coordinates of my face are supposed to be translated to servo commands and sent to the arduino. I am getting movement with the servo, but it is only jitters. Any help is well appreciated. 

Processing Code:


import hypermedia.video.*;

import java.awt.Rectangle;

import processing.serial.*;