Let's Make Robots!

Science Fair Experience

On Saturday, March 15, I went to the Massachusetts Regional Science Fair. In order to qualify for the state level competition I needed to get top 40 of all the projects.

Just got a Kinect!


I got my netbook and I am installing ubunta and ros


Mit robotics Camp


As of right now, I am attending a robotic camp at Mit in Cambridge Ma. In the class, we have 3 vex kits. I am learning how to program and build robots. I am having a lot of fun. The first two days we built a car that was controlled by a controller, so it was bassicly a big, complex rc car. But the next day we worked on making the car atoutomous. I added a ultrasound sensor and two bump switchs. I also built a robotics arm which consits of two motors with gears and a claw. Here are some phots of the camp/robot:

robot arm:

Possible AGV

So I came across patrick's agv (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/18922) and his tutorial (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/19554.) and I remembered that I have a nice rc car. Once I learn more about robotics, I plan to build an Automated guided vehicel with the same compass and gps. Is this a hard build? 


Here is a video that I took of the rc car

New parts

Hello everyone, 

So I took the quiz on free day over at Sparkfun.com . After about an hour of answering a questions in between re-loading pages, I finally answered to questions correctly before it was all over. So I got $20 worth of parts. So I didn't know what to buy so I bought some random parts for fun. I ordered these products: