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Suggestions for Parts

So I have been working pretty hard at my job and been able to get some extra money. I really want to build another robot and I wanted to ask lmr if they have any suggestions for my next robot and or parts? I am open to any suggestions. 

Help with Programming (arduino)


I've been working on my new robot, which has a lynxmotion A4WD1 base with an arduino as its microcontroller. I must confess that I am not the best programmer and I am still learning. I have found the follow code online and I was wondering if anyone could help me adjust it to be able to turn left and right. As of right now the program only tells the motors to go foward or reverse at full speed or half speed. The code:


 #include <SoftwareSerial.h>

Face Tracking with Processing and Arduino

I was wondering if anyone can help me with my code. So I am using my camera on my macbook pro. In processing, the tracking software works almost perfectly, I am using opencv. Then through serial the coordinates of my face are supposed to be translated to servo commands and sent to the arduino. I am getting movement with the servo, but it is only jitters. Any help is well appreciated. 

Processing Code:


import hypermedia.video.*;

import java.awt.Rectangle;

import processing.serial.*;        



Adafruit motor shield, just running one motor

I have looked at the tutorials from adafruit, such as this one:  http://www.ladyada.net/make/mshield/use.html and I can include the library in my program, I tried the examples and I get nothing. I am using 7.2 volts for my power supply and the motor is from an rc car. I have tested the motors with a different h-bridge that came with my DFrobotshop rover and it works fine.

Programming an esc with an arduino

I was wondering how to go about programming an esc, an electronic speed controller. The wire that comes out of the esc is identical to a servo, so I know how to wire it, just not how to program it. Should I program it like a servo. I also know that it needs to get pwm so I plugged the digital pin into 2.


Any help is well appreciated

Powering my robot

I am working on a robot that contains an arduino with a adafruit motor shield. On the robot is a mini servo with a sharpIR sensor. The motor is attached to the bottom which I taken from an old toy. The servo and the sensor both need 5 volts and I do not know how much the motor needs. So my question is how I should power the robot, I do have a couple of 7.2 NI-MH battery's, would this be able to power it? 

Here are some photos of the robot:

Which bluetooth?

So I am planning on going wireless with my robots and I was wondering which one I should buy. I was looking at sparkfun and I found many blutooth. What qualities should I look for are some better than others? Also I intend to use the bluetooth for only about 100-150 ft and I am mostly going to use it for the arduino. This is what I found so far:






Thanks in advance



So I am getting more and more into robotics and I want to be best equipped with tools to build robots. I have heard about multimeters and I was wondering if there is a specfic type that is best for electronics/robotics and what fetures I might need/not need.




Parts for Line following robot

I was thinking of ideas for my second robot and I thought that a line following robot would be good. So I want to build an arduino line following robot. I was wondering what parts I would need to follow the black line. Also I am still decieding wether I want to build a small chasise, similar to the 3pi robot, or buy a ready made one.


- Mark  

Xbox 360 parts?

I have the opportunity to have an old, maybe broken, xbox 360 pro from my brother. I 'm first going to see if I can fix it. But if I can't, I was wondering if there is anything I could use for a robot? I know there probably isn't, but hey what the heck. I thought I might ask.