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Programming an esc with an arduino

I was wondering how to go about programming an esc, an electronic speed controller. The wire that comes out of the esc is identical to a servo, so I know how to wire it, just not how to program it. Should I program it like a servo. I also know that it needs to get pwm so I plugged the digital pin into 2.


Any help is well appreciated

Powering my robot

I am working on a robot that contains an arduino with a adafruit motor shield. On the robot is a mini servo with a sharpIR sensor. The motor is attached to the bottom which I taken from an old toy. The servo and the sensor both need 5 volts and I do not know how much the motor needs. So my question is how I should power the robot, I do have a couple of 7.2 NI-MH battery's, would this be able to power it? 

Here are some photos of the robot:

Mit robotics Camp


As of right now, I am attending a robotic camp at Mit in Cambridge Ma. In the class, we have 3 vex kits. I am learning how to program and build robots. I am having a lot of fun. The first two days we built a car that was controlled by a controller, so it was bassicly a big, complex rc car. But the next day we worked on making the car atoutomous. I added a ultrasound sensor and two bump switchs. I also built a robotics arm which consits of two motors with gears and a claw. Here are some phots of the camp/robot:

robot arm:

Which bluetooth?

So I am planning on going wireless with my robots and I was wondering which one I should buy. I was looking at sparkfun and I found many blutooth. What qualities should I look for are some better than others? Also I intend to use the bluetooth for only about 100-150 ft and I am mostly going to use it for the arduino. This is what I found so far:






Thanks in advance


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Possible AGV

So I came across patrick's agv (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/18922) and his tutorial (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/19554.) and I remembered that I have a nice rc car. Once I learn more about robotics, I plan to build an Automated guided vehicel with the same compass and gps. Is this a hard build? 


Here is a video that I took of the rc car



So I am getting more and more into robotics and I want to be best equipped with tools to build robots. I have heard about multimeters and I was wondering if there is a specfic type that is best for electronics/robotics and what fetures I might need/not need.




Parts for Line following robot

I was thinking of ideas for my second robot and I thought that a line following robot would be good. So I want to build an arduino line following robot. I was wondering what parts I would need to follow the black line. Also I am still decieding wether I want to build a small chasise, similar to the 3pi robot, or buy a ready made one.


- Mark