Let's Make Robots!
this is my last lo-tech beambot.i built is for artcraft fun. the bare bones photo vore is a very classic beam design by wilf.the sch on most website was wrong.the … Read more
this is mine fifth turbot,there are nothing new under the sun.i built it for kill time and focus on art,i want to make a steampunk style. the sch file on … Read more
this is my first try to use hobby serveos.it is a very simple test. I am going to add a pair of ir senser on the m8's adc port to control the bot turn,maybe rc … Read more
i made this for fun.it was designed for 6axis & gravity detection. the mercury switch is not perfect,i have to do some anti jitter work. Read more
this is my first line follwing bot.I have not do complex track tests.the video show three behaviors : black line follwing,stop at line end,obstacles quiet. Read more
light seeking,chaos,basking,move over Obstacle
the turbot v2 is heavy duty building.it has a name,WANG. the vidoe show WANG's moving under sun and under manmade light.         Read more
this is another silpknot turbot machine.have fun. +++main parts+++ 1*74hc14 for 6NV net, 2*74hc245 for motor driver, 2*mini motor,30rpm, 1*cell phone battery for … Read more
i made this lamp for a good mind. it is easy to built.the main part was taken from a broken kyeboard,soft pcb board. Read more
i built this for fun.the tube was made by diangong factory china at year 1966. Read more
this is a salute to gery walter. check my blog for more details.http://digi01.blog.163.com/blog/static/1785060222011282252402/ Read more