Let's Make Robots!

Aquiring loot

Today I finally got a proper MCU and programmer, the missus bought me a late birthday present, a PicKit2!


 I have it hooked up, and running the initial demo, but have yet to figure out... well, everything :)

It all seems pretty straight forward, but I haven't dug myself into it quite just yet...




I stubled across this today and almost fractured my wallet, well, not really..

 This is a store aimed towards schools and such, offering physics and chemestry gear, amongst all of that, I found electronic kits really cheap


 They are based in sweden, and I havent bought anything from them, yet, but the miniature industrial robot arm @ 25.5eur + VAT sure looks tempting, especially since others I have seen cost up to 10 times more.

 Seem to serve entire europe, but primarily the norse countries.