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printing bastyre


    been testing some soft PLA for the bastyre.

keypad matrix

#Picaxe 20X2
#Terminal 38400

learning more

hi all,

      I came across this site for free learning,AND being free i found it interesting and just wanted to share,so click the link and see if you learn something new,or just want to roll the greymatter around.




update: https://www.coursera.org/course/conrob    -  Control of Mobile Robots  starts 28th Jan

processing and ardiuno


         Am new too both ardiuno and processing and am  following this tutorial http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Dimmer ,now the ardiuno sketch is fine and uploaded to the mega, but I have a problem processing with the serial com ,sayin (cannot find anything named "com5". and i have no idea why. I've added a screen snip if i,ll be grateful if anyone can point out what am doing wrong.

3d modeling with sketchup

hello, I would have liked to have helped frits with google sketchup but am still learning it am trying to model an srf005 the problem am having is if you see the back of the model you can see where i pulled up the cans my question is how can i hide this so i can add the "chips and bits" to the back.



easy connect
hi,      In an attempt to protect my panning servo from my three yr old stripping the servo gears, i ripped the magnets out of two old cd drive laser head and … Read more