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holds an oled display
Does exactly what it is says on the tin". A simple bezel free stand took about three hours print and the only other part required is a m3 x 35mm bolt  " an m2 … Read more


test bed for four wheel drive, and hits everything
    Q is my introduction to four wheel drive rover designed to be used with the picaxe 28x2 shield but any controller with  four motors and four servo's will … Read more
supports bots while not in use
as it says on the tin, this two piece stand with a loo roll for the height. Read more

serial between two picaxe

am having a strange issue  getting the 28x2 to communicate  with a 14m2

the 28x2 Tx code here http://pastebin.com/RtDvA4Sk and the 14m2 Rx code here http://pastebin.com/54KeXDaf

now the 28 Tx works as expected but the 14m2 Rx is not, it appears to go to the subroutine as it shows its recieved the data but in the terminal window no values are displaced. any and all ideas welcomed

Max did it!!

he final broke the SB with MR speedo,:


3d modeling with sketchup

hello, I would have liked to have helped frits with google sketchup but am still learning it am trying to model an srf005 the problem am having is if you see the back of the model you can see where i pulled up the cans my question is how can i hide this so i can add the "chips and bits" to the back.



STL Viewer (beta)

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coop buyin filament


just came across this, may work out for you guys across the pond.