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All LMR are sold to you!

as abidance servants ! inslave the world. frist in impressions "its great. " All LMR are sold to you! "could be me but it just doesnt sit right for a slogan  "LMR sold to you!"today. or something.

                                                      Jinx 3Dprint bin.

Review prints

Shipping of the overlord  is getting close , while am looking for filament to feed the machine " excitement reaching feverish  ".  am after suggestion on what to print. What am thinking is having three  categories art, mechanical,all things robotics ,

going half on filament

am looking to buddy up on some of the exotic filament like:

http://www.imakr.com/filament/36-carbon-fiber-175-mm.html and http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261359455825

the T glass on ebay is the cheapest source I can find

basically the idea is to go half on the stuff, how I thought we can sort the postage:

if its like free from ebay, we split the postage between us to the other person.

mirco servo mount

 push fit servo mount " no screws needed" should be a snug fit. the bearing 

used on the mount is a 623Z of ebay.and should be a tight fit may have to work that part to make in fit tight. the bearing not there in the normal sense of a bearing  just to give a c brackets a smooth surface to turn on. so a piece of copper tube at the right diameter could be used.


STL Viewer (beta)

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parts for a Rostock mini

Looking for a home,

 a complete set of  parts  been printed at .22 layer height and a .35 infill solid enough. more details can be found at  ttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:32850 


Creation of a object vault

 LMR 3D printing  group  is growing and 2015 appears to be our  coming out to the world  and every week there appears to be some object repository site  like thingiverse , 3d hub and so on. So why can’t LMR take its place in the world with an object vault for all things robotics.  With the ability to upload stl. Files on LMR sharing ideas never been easier.

serial between two picaxe

am having a strange issue  getting the 28x2 to communicate  with a 14m2

the 28x2 Tx code here http://pastebin.com/RtDvA4Sk and the 14m2 Rx code here http://pastebin.com/54KeXDaf

now the 28 Tx works as expected but the 14m2 Rx is not, it appears to go to the subroutine as it shows its recieved the data but in the terminal window no values are displaced. any and all ideas welcomed

Max did it!!

he final broke the SB with MR speedo,:


3d modeling with sketchup

hello, I would have liked to have helped frits with google sketchup but am still learning it am trying to model an srf005 the problem am having is if you see the back of the model you can see where i pulled up the cans my question is how can i hide this so i can add the "chips and bits" to the back.



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coop buyin filament


just came across this, may work out for you guys across the pond.