Let's Make Robots!

Trick switch not working.

I built a trick switch using  Make's basic Arduino Projects bookelt the other day, and I'm running into a problem.

Puppy's legs shake

My playful puppies legs tend to shake a lot when sitting. I installed the nimh code from ardunio ver 0022 as per suggestion, as apparently the code doesn't work with 1.0+. The legs shake really badly when sitting, mostly the right front and left back legs. I'm pretty sure the batteries are charged and the parts are not loose. Is there a way to fix this? It didn't do that when I used the 1.03ish version to upload the code.

What servos use what amperage?

I've been looking at several servos, but I can't seem to find out what the amps or wattage is so I can figure out what I can and can't connect them too. Is there somewhere where there is a chart or some rule of thumb? I've looked around for this info, but I have been unable to find anything other than some info about one or two servos, and a few boards talking about how servos don't seem to have this info from a couple years ago. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? Thanks, I'd hate to burn out any of my boards >_

MG996r or better servo for arms?

In my pursuit of getting the arms set up on my larger bot, I am seeking a cheaper alternative to the ax-12a servos, though I still feel the power is more than I'll need. I was looking at the MG996r servo, but it's case has a tendency to break and it seems like there's a lot of clones of it. Since the arm I'm building is similar to this bot: http://www.instructables.com/id/POLYRO-oPen-sOurce-friendLY-RObot/, I figured I could use lighter servos for the shoulders and arms. Arms are meant to only be 16 inches long with the lower section being 8 inches, still using .240 expanded pvc.

Not sure what controller to get for computer controlled machine

I'm looking to use a computer to control a larger robot I am building to get familiar with building machines like this. However, I am unsure what motor controller or components I need to control up to 6 servos for the arms of this robot. I only intend for this iteration to have two arms, immobile, and can hear and speak. I'm planning on using 6 MG995 Tower pros to power the arm as per suggestion. Until I can get Linux installed, I am trying to use the Microsoft system. I've been looking around at other robots such as Polyro, but I'm avoiding the expensive bioloid parts.

medium robot setup

I'm trying to build a medium sized robot that can react to commands, speak, and move it's arms, but I am having a lot of trouble figuring out the components I need. I studied the Polyro, Rooby, and a few other butlerbots, but am having trouble figuring out what parts I need to connect everything to a laptop and external power supply and have it work. I also would like to find an alternative to the AX-12 the Polyro uses, what do you guys use?

edit: So people don't have to go through a bunch of responces:

Not sure what to get.

I'm looking to get a robot kit, but I have no idea what to get. There's so many to chose from! I'd like to build one of two robots:

One like the start here robot from this site (which I already own :D) but with c or c++ as a language and is expandable, and maybe a quadroped or some inexpencive parts to make it quad.


Or a larger robot, similar to POLYRO, that can tell time, has arms( that can sense touch, even if it can't hold things) and move around. I was hoping to make it so it could understand voice too and react as well.


For multiple type sensor robots which is better

For robots that have multiple types of sensors, like adding touch sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors, and a mix, which is easier, Picaxe or Ardunio? Or is there a better microcontroller or setup? I know Lego's NXT has these abilties, but I wanted to know what other setups are out there that work really well or are the easiest to work with or put together.

Oh hey , Christmas!

So for Christmas, my parents are looking to get me some robot(s)/ components for robots to help me in my studies, but I'm having trouble finding what I should ask for. I really wanted to make a larger robot, preferably one of the laptop powered robots that moved about and could detect collision, listen to a voice and respond, and possibly be able to see with a camera, even if it's rather basic. I looked through some of the bots on here that have those features, which are really awesome, but I'm not sure what parts I should specifically be looking for.

Laptop based robot

So a friend and I are looking to utalize some of the old laptops and verious sensors he has lying around, and I've been wondering: what does one need component wise to build a rather cheap robot from a laptop? I've been reading around, but I am having a lot of trouble with it. The machine we were looking to construct is at minimum to be aproximately 2 feet tall, and the laptop's components were to be mounted inside the machine. The functions of the robot are to simply move about, and detect objects and attempt to avoid them.