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Getting the Arduino to talk to a picaxe through rx tx?

I was wondering how one would be able to communicate these two microcontrollers together. I've been wanting to experiment using a picaxe to control a few dc motors, and have the arduino simply give commands for the motors to simply move forwards and back. I've been searching on and off, but every time I find information on it it's just people saying "herp derp, you can totally do it!" ... aaaand never actually explain how. I found a few answers where I can send signals to the arduino, but not visa versa.

Good Motor Controller?

I've been looking for a motor controller that I can use for my Arduino. I've been over multiple stores, but I'm not sure which would work best for an Arduino Uno. I'm also looking for a Triple h bridge or higher so I can control more than 2 DC motors. Range needed is at least 5v- 12v. Anyone have any good suggestions, first time using a controller that doesn't have motor controls built in.

For the tl:dr; version:
*I need a motor controller that fits on an ardunino uno
*Works at least in the 5v min range
*Needs to control 3 or more DC motors if possible

Anyone ever mess with a UBTECH Alpha 1S?

I recently came across an UBTECH Alpha 1S the other day while looking for parts, and noticed the price was rather cheap for a humanoid robot. I noticed the company also has developed a v2 of the robot. Has anyone ever worked with this model or anything from UBTECH? I've been wanting to work with a bipedal bot for so long, but every time I try to get one to experiment with, they always end up junk or are too expensive.


I'd like to learn how to program with bipedals, and have always wanted to build a legal bot for the mech warfare rules, and for experiments.

Does this charger work well for Arduino?

Hello everyone! Recently I came across a Justin 5200 mah battery (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNLnQ7RHDuk), and am wondering if anyone else has tried to use this to power an arduino. I've found that some people make use of usb portable chargers, and wonder if anyone has used that brand. It seems to get mixed reviews, but for it's size and even at half power, has more than I need for some of my projects. If you use portable chargers, what charger do you use? Or do you just stick to good ol' batteries?

Thoughts on the Hitec 33485?

I have been looking through higher powered servos for a while, and came across hitec 33485s. The Amazon page comments seem to praise them, but I wanted to hear more thoughts. Can these be relied on, or are there better servos for the price? Has anyone used them?

Getting Arduino to communicate with Ez-Robot?

I have been looking into various systems for building a robotic system, and have been interested in both the ez-robot and Raspberry Pi. I have however, been having trouble finding any information on getting ez-robot to communicate with arduino. Is there a way to do this, since I'd like to give an operator control of the bot remotely using a computer.

Best Microcontroller for med sized robots?

Hi again all! It's been a bit, how are you?

Trick switch not working.

I built a trick switch using  Make's basic Arduino Projects bookelt the other day, and I'm running into a problem.

Puppy's legs shake

My playful puppies legs tend to shake a lot when sitting. I installed the nimh code from ardunio ver 0022 as per suggestion, as apparently the code doesn't work with 1.0+. The legs shake really badly when sitting, mostly the right front and left back legs. I'm pretty sure the batteries are charged and the parts are not loose. Is there a way to fix this? It didn't do that when I used the 1.03ish version to upload the code.

What servos use what amperage?

I've been looking at several servos, but I can't seem to find out what the amps or wattage is so I can figure out what I can and can't connect them too. Is there somewhere where there is a chart or some rule of thumb? I've looked around for this info, but I have been unable to find anything other than some info about one or two servos, and a few boards talking about how servos don't seem to have this info from a couple years ago. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? Thanks, I'd hate to burn out any of my boards >_