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i need a PCBs company for my society

hi guys ...
we want to make a society for training ( students or anyone ) , so we want to make a special programmer for our society , we have a circuit layout for PCB but we need a company to produce the PCBs for us then shipping it .

any information about this point ...?

also we need a plain PCBs for teaching purpose , from where can i get those ..?

 or any idea ?

i need help in this circuit

i am working now in model of robot soccer and i covered most thing in this stage .. but i have some question and i hope i got help from you .

each team have 4 players ( 3 + 1 goalkeeper )  , i will explain what my plant :

  • components for one player and its attachment : -

- 2 microcontroller for 2 embadded system  ( one for communication and computer process and another for driving and process recieving commands ) .

- 2 dc motors ( now i need help in what the best type for high speed as 3 m/s as maximmum  also what size of wheels)

working with robot soccer model ... main problems

hi everybody
here i am working in smaller model of ( robot soccer ) ..
i work hardley to make it playing autonomously ( without computer ) .. (( i said smaller model in above :lol: )) , just i used ( Pic’s - sensors - servo motors ).

this is some details about what i work in :
every team have 3 players ( goalkeeper + 2 on the ground ) .
ground are closed from all directions ( as square ) , so no ( out - throw in .. etc ) .

What the alternatives for PICAXE board ...?

im live in Sudan .. and i applied for PICAXE bundle and then for picaxeforum.com ...but until now nothing happened ..

still i wait for my applicant but until that time i need to practice for others ...

what the good alternative from PIC microchip for picaxe ic ? and for picaxe -28 project board ...that mentioned on the first lesson ( start here ) ...?



is there anyone have an information about a PO box mailing , ARAMEX or DHL prices for deliver the bundle to Sudan ...?