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Identifying an eeprom chip

So a long while ago I was buying some parts and i saw a cheep 8 pin eeprom chip. I thought that i might use it eventually but didnt really understand them completely at the time. Now, the time has come where i think i might want to use this but i dont remember which specific ic i bought and thus i dont know the i2c adress that i would use to communicate with this.

It says on it:




Charging batteries

Hi I would like to make something which can be charged Without taking the batteries out of the robot. I am thinking of using nimh batteries as I have heard that lipos are crazy and hard to do.

sounds from toys

i have seen many toys wich make noises and i once ripped open a toy cat wich meows when you squeeze it  the circuit inside seemed so simple and i want to beable to do somthing like it.

is there any way i could make somthing that justproduces one sound (but not a beep) this simple or is it only possible on a mass production scale 


displaying numbers

hi this isnt really to do with robots but it is building something with electronics so i thought i'd ask here because i know the users are friendly and someone will probably be able to help me.

programming picaxe

ok you probably get hundreds of people asking this queastion but i cant program my picaxe 08m2

it says error hardware not found on com1 (com one is the only one it will let me select)

i have tried everything  (apart from reset for i see no way to reset a picaxe 08m2

i am using the axe027 usb cable please help



test own power

i have seen it done before and looked around but the only things i can find are voltage dividers and op amps. i am thoroughly confused and just want to make a picaxe monitor its own battery

any help would be appreciated


coffe balloon gripper

this is just a really cool way of makking a gripper. i belive it pushes the balloon around the object the puts preasure on the coffe so it jams around it. i think sort of

stop a capacitor charging when full

i a ma a complete beginner and i am reading a book about beam bots (mostly) and i had an idea for a beam bot which probably wont work and i might not build but i decided to try and draw a schematic anyway. the idea is it goes towards light and when there is lot of light it starts to charge a very large capacitor before going back to following light. when it detects vibration(can you get vibration sensors?) it uses the power from the large capacitor  to run until there is a lot less light ( ie it is under something) and stay until the vibration has gone.

inverted switch

is there anyway i can make something turn on when i open a box without it beiong on constantly to check if it is open? 

the box opens sort of like a hinge but there is nothing that touches when open that doesn't touch when closed

thanks :)


serial communication on picaxe

i have been looking to do something with the easy radio module (forgive me if i do not use the correct terminology) but i have know idea how to use the serxxd, sertxd, serout and serin commands the explanations on the picaxe website wern't very useful . so do i just tell it to send out a random number ( with which command?) and then on the recieving end say if (again, i don't know which command) = then the same random number, then do what i want it to do. wouldn't that mean i have to put 

if this = this do this

if this = this do this

if this = this do this