Let's Make Robots!

Lcd hack

I recently found this thing


a lcd display from an old tensiometer.

It's nice an I wondered how could I hack it, since I have no datasheet and since the cables are really small:

and very hard to solder.

Could anyone help with this?

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Worldwide wireless

Just wandering, is there a way to receive videos or photos from a camera mounted on a robot from everywhere around the globe? something not too big?!

My first picaxe projects

When I first started with picaxe as a microcontroller (a few days ago), I thought on one hand at the space used by it. An arduino board is, depending on the model, 10-15 times larger than a pîcaxe microcontroller ( maybe a little less).There is also the money problem, a picaxe being a lot cheaper than an arduino and on the other hand I can use arduinos to much more complex projects.

Motor controller

So I bought this motorcontroller: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/713/resources and I plan to use it with a picaxe 18 M2.

IR sensors

So, I bought from an online shop an IR LED and an IR receiver, like this:

and I want to connect it to a Picaxe chip, but I don't know how. I found plenty of tutorials about this one

like this:

but no information about mine.

Could anyone help, please?

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It spreads soldering smoke, so you don't have to breath it.
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Servo control

Ok ok. So I have an arduino UNO, a servo and i wolud like to :

1: slow down the speed of the servo

2: find out and remember the last servo moves, like in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXSho9loGYU&feature=related . I wonder if it is possible to move the servo, and then the arduino board to reproduce the exact movements. 

If anyone could help, thanks in advance :)