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Being bored as shit on a rainy day, I started to search the scotch tape. So I didn't find it, but I found some wine bottle stoppers and some toothpicks, and … Read more
this is the base as you can see, it's not too large (took me a million years to cut the two plastic circles! ) down here I put the second and the third set of … Read more
my first robot finally he comes yeah!! it's a random avoiding obstacles robot,but it's my first so it is special. Now i admire my opera, after i think at a 6 legged … Read more


What does interest me is how does an inkjet printer work?! I mean, the part with the programming. How does the computer transform an image into readable datas to the printer?  How to write a program that should send an image to a printer to print it?!



for 3 LEDs, red blue and green, connected all 3 in parallel at a 9v battery, what resistor should I use? I tried 1K, but no led lights, and then 460 ohms, here just the red and the green function. At the moment I don' t have another resistor, that's why I am asking. Maybe 300, 200 ohms? What should I buy?

Thanks in advance.


Power on Arduino UNO

Well, I am making a 4 legged robot, this one http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31902. I have already written the code for moving forward, even that I am still expecting some parts. The code works well, the servos are moving well, but just with the power source by the computer, via the cable USB. When I put a battery, it doesn't work at all. Could you suggest something that couldn't work well?? I checked the connections, they are all well. The battery is 9V and there are 12 servos branched at the Arduino UNO.