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How to grease a servo?

I recently bought a HEXTRONIC HXT900 mini servo and have just found out it barely turns. For this reason I thoguht it might be because there is no grease visible. My question then is: Any grease will do?

Servo Control


I was looking at Frit´s challenge the iTake me apart and to achieve my goal i need to know; Can I control 4 servos with 1 picaxe 28x1 board?



Recently I have tried to make one of these: http://www.instructables.com/id/Portable-USB-Charger-Version-2.0/

but after I collected all the parts I realized I had the wrong capacitor.

I need a 100uf  50v one but dont have one. So my question is: can I use another one or connect some in series to replace this one?

I posses 100uf 16v ones, 33 uf 35v, 100uf 10v, 150uf 35v and 400v 3.3uf, could any of these replace that one?

I would thank any help.



by the way the guys at instructables wont tell me so I ask here.

LCD and Picaxe

Hello LMR,

I have recently acquired an LCD which I found out I have no idea of how to connect to a picaxe 28x1

I was wondering if anyone knew how to in serial mode and could help me out

It is a white on black LCD from Solarbotics code: 50416

Any help would be appreciated :)

Connecting AXE033 to Picaxe

Hello LMR community,

After receiving my AXE033 LCD and reading all the instructions I tried to hook it up to a PICAXE 28x1 board without succes

Even though I insert the code the LCD just wont display anything

Because of this I turn to you LMR to see if anyone has used one of these in SERIAL mode and could help me

I added the picture so you could see if there is anything wrong with it.


NOTE: I am using a 4.5v power supply so I connected power to J2 on the LCD board, please someone help me :)