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I would like to know if the PIC12F675 from microchip can control 2 LDRs, a buzzer, and a LED. I know it might sound a simple question but this is for my starting project with Microchip and C programming.

If it is possible I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to wire the components to the PIC.

Thanks, GranTotem


Battery Backup 12v

Hello, I wanted to add a battery backup to a Picaxe circuit so when the AC main fails the power will switch from the AC-DC transformer to a 12v battery which is then lowered to 4.5v to power the PICAXE board.

after some research I found this circuit which seems pretty simple and I wanted to know if you people think its good or will I have fried PICAXE for dinner.

Thanks in advance!  :D

Picaxe Debug

Hello LMR,

I mean this posts for thos who know something about Picaxe:

I need help! Please someone go over the code and tell what did I do wrong so that when I make pin 4 = 1 nothing happens!

Did I miss anything, did I add something that is wrong?  Don´t worry about the spanish parts they are just labels.


AXE033 clock add-on

Hello LMR,

I was wondering recently if there was a way of using another clock that isnt ds1307 for the AXE033 lcd module from picaxe.

I wondered as I can´t find any and i´m not really up to ordering it, so please tell me: is there another ic or will i have to find one?

Thanks is advance!

Theme Song for LMR!


I do not know if you think like me but if there is something missing to this page is a theme song. right?

I believe this would be a good idea if there was a login page (which would also be a good idea one that encourages people to join)

and a theme song would make it nicier or just to the main LMR page who knows...

I just want to know how many of you agree with me.


Please post a comment! ;)

Picaxe reading pins

Hello everyone,

Recently I´ve been trying to make an alarm using some buzzers and a magnetic switch (reed switch).

I´ve made the picaxe read the pins and so when pin0 = 1 the buzzer turns on.

Now my question is what code can I use to make the Picaxe read another Pin, and when that one is = 1 stop the buzzer?

Electricity Flow

A have a simple question, if I put a diode in a cable, would I be able to make electricity flow 1 way only? If not how could I do that?


How to grease a servo?

I recently bought a HEXTRONIC HXT900 mini servo and have just found out it barely turns. For this reason I thoguht it might be because there is no grease visible. My question then is: Any grease will do?

Servo Control


I was looking at Frit´s challenge the iTake me apart and to achieve my goal i need to know; Can I control 4 servos with 1 picaxe 28x1 board?



Recently I have tried to make one of these: http://www.instructables.com/id/Portable-USB-Charger-Version-2.0/

but after I collected all the parts I realized I had the wrong capacitor.

I need a 100uf  50v one but dont have one. So my question is: can I use another one or connect some in series to replace this one?

I posses 100uf 16v ones, 33 uf 35v, 100uf 10v, 150uf 35v and 400v 3.3uf, could any of these replace that one?

I would thank any help.



by the way the guys at instructables wont tell me so I ask here.