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Navigate around via sharp IR
Using a
I got the parts yesterday and i done building it already :) Read more

Trace - E

Another one! Heres a link - http://letsmakerobots.com/node/22881



does anybody want to trade a pair of yellow GMPWs for a pair of black?

So after lots of hard-work, frustation, time, spending money on wrong parts; I built a robot. Its a Photovore based on NPN transistors. when its LDRs are pointed … Read more

Is this a nice name?

Is Trace-E a good name for my first robot?

Problem with my first robot

ok so i tried makin the 555 timer photovore which was a fail and I wasted almost all the money I had. But I still don't wanna give up and i wanna try making another robot with just the parts that I had bought since I don't have any money left and my parents wont give me any money. Can i Make a robot with these parts? -

5 X green LEDs

2 X 1.5 to 3V DC motors (11000 rpm)

Tamiya Narrow Wheel set

4 X 270ohm resistors

a 555 timer


9V battery

4 X 1.5V cells

9V battery snap connectors (about 5 of them)

7 X CdS Photocells

My first robot..........

So I've decided to build my first robot which not the LMR "start here" one (that one is going to be my second one) and im using this circuit- http://costaricabeam.solarbotics.net/Circuits/Vores/555%20Photovore.png . I've tried about 10 different designs for the body but its just not working. When i cover the left photocell with my hand and the other one is exposed to light the speed of the motors is the same and same with the right photocell. has anyone tried the circuit? did it work?