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Moves head and makes noise when triggered by the Force ;)
Using a
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Continuous running robot (while charging)


I know this topic has already been addressed, yet I could not find a complete answer.

Untill now, I have always built robots that needed to be turned on when I wanted to use them. So the charging has never really been an issue.

Now I'm thinking of a "sentinel robot" which would always be turned on so I can take control anytime without being on site.

So the idea is to have a base where the robot sits most of the time, his batteries get always charged. At anytime, it can leave its base, make a little walk and return to its base to recharge its batteries.

Navigates around, detects lights, Bluetooth control, Winddows Phone 8 App
Hi, After a while, I am glad to share a new robot with LMR community. This little one offers 2 modes : Autonomous : it moves around the place, avoid obstacles, … Read more

Need advice about tracks

Hi all !

I am currently working on a tracked robot (electronics is finished, starting mechanics).

The tracks I am planning to build look like that :

I will you use the "pattern" described on many projects on LMR (the one using bicylcle chain, nuts...).

I am confused about how to use LiPo batteries

Hi all,

I am currently working on a new robot and I will soon have to choose a way to feed it with power.

I've been reading about LiPo batteries, but I am still confused about how to integrate this kind of power supply in a robot. Here are a few questions I have in mind :

It wanders around, avoid obstables and dosent' fell from edges
Using a
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Go backward and change direction when hitting an obstacle
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Several SRF05 sharing the same picaxe's trigger output pin ?

Hi guys,

First of all, since this is my first topic here, I want to thank you all for this great community. I have learned a lot and I have just finished my first robot thanks to you :) I am now thinking about the next one, and here comes the question !