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Ultrason Navigation using SRF05
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Auto Navigate using SRF05 Sensors
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Motors - Help.

Hi all,

Im wanting to build a faster bot but im not sure what motor to use, I currently have 2 x 100:1 MFA Como Drills motors on my bot, they are ok but are rather slow even at full speed.

I know I am wanting something of around 30:1 to get some decent speeds, is that correct?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.






Hi All, my first post on here so be gentle!

I am wanting to create my first micro hexapod and am having trouble designing the legs and body, I have the electronics and part of the programming sorted.


I have found this on the internet and am wondering if anybody has a template like this one I can use to cut something like this on my friends CNC Router?


Any help greatly appreciated.

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