Let's Make Robots!

R2D2 dome

This is part of my mini-R2D2 project. I intend to keep blog pages for the different parts of the building process. 

The dome is made out of a clear plastic sphere. I found 2 globes 16cm in diameter and 2 smaller ones 4cm across.

First step. Dremel off the bit that is sticking out and sand the whole thing. 

Control DC motors with an ULN2803

I live in argentina and getting thing shipped here is a mess, so I try to use whatever is available here (which is rather limited) whenever I can.

So I was wondering since I haven't found any of the typical H-bridges ...is it possible to control DC motors (speed + direction) with a ULN2803? These I can buy here. 

If so then how would that setup be? Do I need any additional components? If so then which (transistors, resistors, diodes etc)?

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