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FREE! (only shipping) Custom built sound effects module

I’m offering a sound effects module if anyone is interested in using for their project.    

It was designed for my Balbot to be sensitive enough to detect slow smooth-moving tilts and play a sound effect when tilted.  It works like a pendulum.  Unfortunately the weight of the module is too heavy for the Balbot.

Frits!!! YDM help

As you know I'm getting the YDM built by a local uy and he emailed me this question that I cannot answer.  Really would appreciate some help.

Interactive Robotic Show

Hello Everyone!  Great site Fritzl. 

There's a lot of interesting robots I have viewed on this forum.

I travel to elementary schools with several robots that follow students (sonar), chase coloured balls (RoboRealm) and even climb ropes - but none that play the drums.  :( My site is here.   I found a local engineer excited to build a YDM for the students. I can't wait for this cute robot to travel across gymnasium floors playing its tune for all kids to see!

Thanks Fritzl for sharing your YDM with everyone.