Let's Make Robots!
controls up to eight servo motors using an ATmega328; serial commands change speed and position
I created an AVR servo firmware using C programming for an ATmega328 microcontroller. This version supports up to eight servos to be controlled while managing … Read more
Uses an infrared reflectance sensor and encoder pattern to measure revolutions per minute of a wheel and display the value on a character LCD
This is a basic implementation of an rpm (revolutions per minute) meter of an encoded wheel using an AVR ATtiny2313 microcontroller.  The motor used is a … Read more
Keeps chess games short and interesting by limiting each turn, alerting the user with a buzzer before time runs out.
This is a simple chess timer using a 20 pin AVR microcontroller.  It has up/down buttons on the front for adjusting the countdown time and an arcade button on top … Read more