Let's Make Robots!


Uses an infrared reflectance sensor and encoder pattern to measure revolutions per minute of a wheel and display the value on a character LCD
This is a basic implementation of an rpm (revolutions per minute) meter of an encoded wheel using an AVR ATtiny2313 microcontroller.  The motor used is a … Read more
I decided to throw this together simply because I wanted something faster than the tamiya treaded chassis I had previously finished.  See that link for schematic … Read more
Controlled via phone accelerometers and Bluetooth
This is my first robot using an Atmel ATtiny2313 Microcontroller.  It uses an L298N H-bridge with no PWM, with plans to add PWM.  I've included schematic and code … Read more

Introducing Chipino

I came across this article about a new pic/arduino board in the March 2011 Nuts and Volts issue and wanted to share it.  More information at Jameco.  It may not be fully compatible with an Arduino or mature, but I think it might be the perfect bridge for some people to make the transition from PIC to Arduino.

Tracks human faces using a webcamera and two servo motors to pan and tilt
Using a
This is my first time using OpenCV, an open source computer vision library developed by Intel Corporation.  It wasn't too hard to get setup or use OpenCV in … Read more

Robogames in San Francisco

Has anyone attended Robogames before or know much about it?  It is a three day competition with the following events:

These heatsinks should work well for a SN754410 H-bridge IC or other 14/16 pin DIP.  If you've used this please provide some insight as to how well these dissipate … Read more
Keeps chess games short and interesting by limiting each turn, alerting the user with a buzzer before time runs out.
This is a simple chess timer using a 20 pin AVR microcontroller.  It has up/down buttons on the front for adjusting the countdown time and an arcade button on top … Read more