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navigates via ultrasound, "identifies" milkshake bottles and drives away from them
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Resistor array query

I opened my first parts package this morning, and found that my "Yellow Chip" (the DIL330 resistor array thingy) wasn't yellow, it was black. Further investigation revealed the following letters and numbers written on the top of my black chip:-

4116R LF




A bit of Googling leads me to think that this is a 220ohm resistor array.

So am I right to assume the "Yellow Chip" is a 330ohm resistor array?

Will the LMR Start Here robot function okay with the 220? If not, is there anything I can do other than send it back/replace it?

Patience is a virtue...

Shame I'm not so good at it >.<

Wifey put the orders in for my parts (she's paying for them as my 40th birthday present), so it's just a matter of time before I dive in and swim in the sea of robotics.

Well, dunk a toe in the shallows at least ;-).

First bot will be a variation on the LMR Start Here robot, but with tracks instead of wheels.


update 17/9/10: first 2 packages arrived, last one despatched today

Anyone know of an LMR starter equivalent available in the UK?

Hi folks.

After reading around the LMR site and forums, I'm very interested in joining in the fun with robotics, but I'm having a problem sourcing the parts in the UK.

The biggest "problem" is that it's going to be a birthday present from my wife, and she wants to sort out the actual ordering and whatnot. I know that Solarbotics will ship it just fine, and really the amount of time it takes isn't a big issue; it's the cost of shipping etc (because the next problem is our limited budget).