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remove brake from wheelchair motor

I bought a couple of FRAMCO wheelchair motors, apparantly originally produced from Hastings England. Anyway, on the connector there are 4 connections. Red, Black and 2 brown. I am not sure of the sequence to hook these things up, so I tried a few different combinations and did get it to work yesterday.

Omitting 1 battery

I had an inexpensive RC airplane.

I removed the motors, and replaced them by the attached circuit.  I replaced the motors with some 12V motors and This circuit is presently driving them.  I can control them so both run at once or the left or right independently.

I am however trying to figure out a way to get by with using only one battery.  I tried to tie them both together on one battery, but both of the motors would run and could not get them to run independently.


The circuit I am using is attached.  I know the circuit works because it will move the motor forward and reverse on 9V.

When I apply 9V DC to it, things work as they should.  I can use my transmitter to forward and reverse the motor.

When I apply 12V DC from a lawn and garden tractor battery, the TIP 127s begin to smoke.  I have already burned one out.

After replacing the burned TIP 127 again it works on 9V but again apply 12V DC and more smoke.