Let's Make Robots!
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Paul “PaulJD”

My Name is Paul, from Massachusettes, USA.   I am a self-employed computer consultant for local businesses, since 1984. 

I provide computer programming and consulting services.  Including application development with MS Access, SQL Server, and most all other MS Server products.  mostly business and accounting related.   I havent done any .Net stuff yet, nor has it caught my interest either.

I also play with solar panel projects, and have built several complete solutions using solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, etc.   each time I think I'm making them more portable, they still end up too large and border line too heavy to be truly portable :-)   I can post pictures if people ask for it.   many people have told me I should try to get some patents on the devices I've built, so perhaps I wont post pictures...  :-)

lately I took an interest in Robots, and caught on to the parallax basic stamp2 as a place to start.  I never learned C, so Arduino world is not attractive to me yet.

although I am new to robots, I do consider myself a very good computer programmer (after over 30 years), so I thought maybe I could bring something worthwhile to Robots.