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Maker Faire Phoenix Roll Call


I'd love to go to the NY Maker Faire but that just isn't happening. I thinking instead of a much shorter trip to Arizona for their mini-faire. I'm just seeing if anyone for this board is going to check it out. It's not too late to get an LMR booth to represent in the desert southwest! :)

My 20X2 RB Board v0.9 and v0.9.1

Got around to adding the uBEC/second battery connections/DPDT switch and came up with this:


Amended list of features/changes:

Working on a PICAXE board for robot building - working on v0.9

I'm getting on with making a small PICAXE-driven board similar to the uBotino. I've got it moving along and am ready for other thoughts at this point.

A quick copy/paste from my blog with a little more info:

The Rev-Ed board is nice but there are a few features I don't care for. My PICAXE 20X2 Robot Builder Board does away with/adds those things. And it's only 50mm square.

2nd ed.-

Please help explain this SPDT symbol

I had to kiss my ego goodbye before I posted this one. I can't believe I need to ask about an electrical symbol but... yeah.

Anyhow, I know what a SPDT symbol should resemble:

what I'm having problems with is this one:

TRDI Flying Ball

The first thing I thought was it's missing a cheap syringe to make it the IT-O interrogator droid from that fragile Death Star:

Still badass though!

LMRbot WS2 - Progress made, progress halted

Since the last blog (Applying Murphy) I did all my tricks and other people's tricks but none of them solved the servo jitter problem. What did work in the end was removing all I2C communications. After that my bot happily tracked me as I celebrated the return of some kind of functionality. After some careful consideration I was able to pile the 18M2+20X2 setup into one almost-maxed-out 20X2. Without the need to slave the 20X2 (paired with the problems I'm having), the attractiveness of two-wire I2C communication disappeared.

LMRbot WS2 Edition - Applying Murphy's Law

Dismay. Chagrin. I'm bummed out, man. Failure to meet three deadlines. Well, two really, because the one got postponed. Regardless, this bot has run out of time again. I was making good progress, totally on my way to having a submission for the Make character bot contest. Most of the hardcore fabrication of the bot itself had gone by with only a few mad hatter moments. All subsystems had passed the proof-of-concept tests. I was making progress at an unprecidented rate. That was up until late, late, late last night.

Vibrate around phototropically with tactile feelers
UPDATE: ADDED VID WITH NEW EYES AND SOME THOUGHTS AT THE BOTTOM. One of my lower priority robots but thought I'd post it up for scrutiny anyhow. My plan is to use … Read more

Dim LEDs on PCF8574AP IO expander - FIXED w/vid and code snippet

So I have the I/O expander running an LED on every output but they all are dim (like 25%) compared to plugging the LED (and its resistor) straight into the 5V source. I checked the expanders outputs and it's putting out 5V but it sure isn't acting like it. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

I have a viddy I took of the situation but it's taking forever to U/L. I'm hoping this problem is something "duh" that doesn't require visuals but I got it coming just in case.

The Record holding Rube Goldberg machine

I have a penchant for the overly complicated and this thing is quite the example. Both videos are terrible but you get the idea. Saw it on Make Magazine but had to isolate it and spread the word!

Narrated video from distant perspective

Edited video with close-up details