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BoB the Biped and me with v0.91 board design

I got my pile of BoB parts from isotope yesterday and I was stoked to say the least. He even printed out a JAX name badge for me \o/ Thanks man! My BoB is glow-in-the-dark blue ABS and it luminesces as advertised. Blue Glowy BoB... mmm.

Initial test fits showed that there was going to be some grinding work in my future to make things work. One change I made to the original build list was using an HC-SR04 for the sensor. The sensor holes in the head were too close together so I removed some material on the outer edges to make it fit. It's real nice now.

LU2MI2 build log: July 11th, 2013

As noted elsewhere I had to start something new to add updates to this project and from now on it will be in the form of blogs (it's about time, huh!). To summarize the project's status, things were going well until I went to test all the subsystems together on the actual chassis. I had forgotten to breadboard test the 3.7g servo at the 3.3V I was going to supply it with and it turns out it hated it.

SOMO 14D (WTV020-SD-16P) and MDfly MOL-AU5121 (Tenda TDB380) sound module comparison

The 4D System's SOMO-4D and the MDfly AU5121S are sound playback modules that allow you to add audio to your projects. I've used both and find both are excellent in terms of sound quality vs. price point. Each one is slightly different and has their good and bad points. I will attempt to give the reader a summary of each and provide information that I had to travel the web for to compile myself. Although anyone can find the same info I thought it handy to provide it in one tidy place.

Peltier Pal project


This project hit several roadblocks. I'm still not sure how to address some of them.

Crumbot's blog

4-26-12: Poor ole Crumy, sidelined like so many other projects. Distractions have been rampant and with JAKTEK burgeoning my time has been hard to spread around. Not that I haven't spent good in-skull time on the old boy though.

PB's Blog

4-26-12: As with many of my projects this one got stalled out. Not only was I busy but the bot was being difficult so I put it in solitary. That'll teach it to be so sensitive.

The main problem is that when the solar panel heats up in the sun it eventually stops making enough current. I'm pretty sure if I remove the diodes in the SEs that it will be ok. Problem is the diodes were never meant to be serviced and are thus buried in the freeformed jungle. Some disassembly will have to take place.

Brushbot's Blog


A whole summer came and went with little progress on any of my outdoor solar bots. LMRbot and Hexaspider ate up my time successfully. I blame them :) With another summer approaching I gave my project list a thorough reconsideration.

UV Fluorescence marking - initial concept fail

I've done a bit of initial feasability testing for this project. Last week I used the four 50mcd UV LEDs and two 630nm detection LEDs. The signal generated from the op-amp was around 0.15V. Background noise was measured at about 0.05V. 

I've since received the 2000mcd UV LEDs, and wow, are they bright! They also don't blind the detector LEDs during direct exposure. The less powerful 50mcd LEDs would.

A picture of one of the longer distance test setups:

Babblebot USB board speech demo and update

A listen to some speech coming from my Babblebot USB board talking to a PICAXE 14M2. First it croaks out the allophones in sequential order via its "demo mode." Then I have it repeat a phrase with different register changes.