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Looking for a gray DFrobot RP5 tracked chassis, new/used OK: Found one, thank you LMR!

I would like a new one but I can't find any, except in Indonesia. If anyone is in Indonesia and wants to be my RP5 buyer/shipper I'll make it worth your time :) If you have an old gray RP5 and don't want it I'll buy it off you, it doesn't even need to run (just look good). Do you still like the chassis but don't care about the color? I'll buy you a new yellow one in exchange for your old gray one! I will consider all ideas/offers. I'm kind of out of options, hoping the public will have something for me.

Makers Faire Bay Area 2012

I'm thinking of going to the Faire this year and seeing if there's anyone else going. It will be May 19th and 20th. Any thoughts of having an LMR booth at this event?

Adjustable servo tester with LED numeric readout of servo position. Now with code!
Currently powered by a PICAXE 14M2, SAA1064, 3-digit LED display from Knightbright, a 7805, and an LD1086. I will probably switch back to an 08M2 later. I was … Read more
Navigate via IR rangefinder and tactile feelers, look nifty
Using a
UPDATED: OCT. 31, '11: Checked complete box \o/ Added a couple of hidden vids of Hexy disturbing people at work. Read more

08M2 had attitude problem; discipline applied, now behaving nominally :D

So this is for the hexaspider project I'm working on. Here's a rough timeline:

SDM-IO ultrasonic and PICAXE code headache

Can't seem to wrap my head around this new sensor. Here's the best description of this sensor's operation yet:

Need translator for SDM-IO arduino-to-PICAXE/ code help

So I've got one of these SDM-IO ultrasonic sensors. Despite the information saying that one can use it like an HC-SR04, one cannot. I've found this SDM-IO example code for arduinos:

7805 can't take it? No, it couldn't! *SOLVED*

I've got a 7805CT regulator running off a 11.1V lipo (yes, I know it's a big voltage difference). The 7805 is powering a PICAXE, two Maxbotix EZ4 sonars, the logic voltage for a L293N, and it's giving high voltage to the '293s enable lines. When only the PICAXE and EZ4s are plugged in I get 3.3V. When the '293 is plugged in I get just over 2V and the EZ4 readings cut out.

This doesn't seem right. The regulator doesn't even get warm. Shouldn't I be able to squeeze around an amp out of this thing? I'm puzzled.

Maker Faire Phoenix Roll Call


I'd love to go to the NY Maker Faire but that just isn't happening. I thinking instead of a much shorter trip to Arizona for their mini-faire. I'm just seeing if anyone for this board is going to check it out. It's not too late to get an LMR booth to represent in the desert southwest! :)

My 20X2 RB Board v0.9 and v0.9.1

Got around to adding the uBEC/second battery connections/DPDT switch and came up with this:


Amended list of features/changes: