Let's Make Robots!

Do you think this Philip K. Dick dreams of electric sheep?

I was up way too late last night and caught a PBS show... The Next Big Thing I think it was. It seemed to be geared towards the Jr. HS/HS age but it had this impressive PKD robot that I had to share:

Robot Dick:


Real Dick:


Autonomously vacuum small debris and recharge
Using a
UPDATE: NEW VAC, CHASSIS, ETC. NO NEW VIDS :( The ever-popular autonomous, self-charging, vacuum robot. Inspired by the old OMNI magazines photovore, of all … Read more

Forum suggestion

You know what would be excellent? A code box for forum posts. You know what I mean? Keep that posted code contained in a box to preserve the aesthetics of the post itself. Yeah.

Two cents :ching:

Live Show notes, episode #014 - ???


Live Show #014, December 3, 2010 - length: 82 minutes, 6 seconds 


(2:03) Announcement that there will be no Aftershows but Preshows instead.

(3:24) Rik talks about his electricity meter project.

What did you get from Sparkfun's Free Day?

Me? Still waiting for the quiz. I think Solarbotics should send one of those monster flower arrangements like the mobsters give to funerals. I know at least CtC got $20 out of it...

Live Show notes, episodes #004-#013

Live Shows #001 - #003, --- COMING SOON ---


Live Show #004.1, September 24, 2010 

  The show is late to record (missed around 20 minutes). A humorous recap about An-Tech's question regarding interfacing with a 24LC256 EEPROM chip using I2C. Rik also mentions node 4385 that asks if sound can be stored as well. 


Making AVRcam (was CMUcam) clones

I've been looking for some video processing to go with my simple PICAXE robots and came across the CMUcam from the Seattle Robotics Society awile back. They have three versions but the one I'm interested in is the most primitive CMUcam v1. It's not its laundry list of amazing features I'm attracted to but its simplicity. It speaks standard serial to chips like the PICAXE, BS2, Ardu, etc.

Suggestions for 10A H-bridge

I've got plans to use some 300rpm gear motors with a stall current of around 9A. I've been looking around at how to control them and some of the methods available are pretty pricey.

My initial plan was to use four chunky SPST relays I salvaged from work. Number one, they're enormous. Number two, they're relays. I have them and I'll use them if I need to but would rather not.

Request for Dagu Wild Thumper wheel pics

I found that the Dagu wheels used on the WT chassis would be awesome for one of my projects:

They are almost 5" in diameter, knobby, and have a sweet red anodized finish. All the trappings of perfection in my eyes. Anyhow, the hub is my concern. I have a 6mm shaft I want to stuff in its hole but I don't think it will jive. There is a 4mm shaft adapter available but it doesn't look like I can easily modify it to make it work for me.

PICAXE IR sensor debugging music!

I decided to harvest a peizo buzzer off one of my many salvage boards to use while troubleshooting a new IR reflective breakout per Frits' description in Live Show #012. It works like a machine. I only fried one sensor (hasty connection straight to V+). Surface mount components are easy to replace though, thank The Maker. The video has everything but the sensor carnage.

Ahh, sound debugging \o/  I think I've entered my personal Golden Age of Robotics.