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Maxhirez' PICAXE board

9-29-2014: This update just adds the zip file containing the board in its current layout. Send the zip file to your favorite board house and get your own stack of boards. :) I still have a few that I am dispersing.

A week or so ago Max was trying to find a layout for a PICAXE 18 or 20 board with an L293/754410 motor driver. He was hoping for something similar to what sanc04 assembled.

First off I have found no way to get gEDA and PCB to work properly in Windows. RobotGrrl used/uses it on her Apple machine. Read more

Perpetual Hangout

Frits asked me to mention that when there is someone in the hangout we can invite those that can't join on their own if they will post their email, or, their name on G+. He would like to get input on how we could make use of the Hangout

Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns?

Connecting multiple uC wirelessly

Beat_Slayer has built a dual Arduino for his robot. He was talking about adding an nrf radio to communicate with it. That led me to wonder if there would be any use for having systems that have pairs, or, more of uC that only communicate via radio.

The thought that came to me was "left brain" "right brain" and the cross polination from more than one "whole brain". I am sure someone will help me flesh out or utterly kill the idea. :D

Any suggestions to help this make more sense to more people are readily accepted.

Finally, my first robot. I believe I should clarify a couple things. First, build time was not me sitting down and building it beginning to end. I had spare time … Read more

How I fixed my "programmer is not responding" "not in sync" while attempting to program my Mini Pro

I bought a CP2102 USB - TTL board from eBay. I added the recommended cap from the DTR pin, cut the RST trace, and attached the other end of the cap to the RST pin. I plugged it into my Mini Pro clone, swapping the TX and RX lines as one would think was logical. I got no joy. The arduino IDE would constantly say, either, avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 , while in Windows, or, avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding , while in Ubuntu.

First foray into homemade PCBs

**Update at the bottom.

  Alright guys/gals, it has been a coons age since I posted anything even remotely useful of my own. I have managed to break that trend with this 'bitty blog, somewhat. I say somewhat, because, everyone and their brother has posted a how to about DIY PCBs. I will attempt to offer some bit of information that others have not, doubtful. :)

3d part printing problem

I have designed a part in OpenSCAD and also output an STL file, both attached at the bottom of this post. I tried printing at 40 to 60 mm/s the first time. Everything was good until it reached the "leg" proper. Once there, it offset the print by about half the thickness of the leg. Thinking speed might be an issue, I slowed it down to somewhere in the range of 10mm/s. I got similar results. The offset was less pronounced, but, still there and still making the part useless. Do any of you 3d printing guys have any ideas for me?

Looking for circuit layout tips

Alright, I am trying to keep it small and get along with the tool I am using to create the layout. I am fairly sure I am pushing the limits. I am curious if I will be able to do a toner transfer of this layout. Enough talk, here comes the pic.

full size