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First of all, I must give credit where credit is due. The ERP is NOT my design, but is an Experimental Robot Platform, designed by John Palmisano of Society of … Read more

Omni Wheels

Does anyone know where I can get omni wheels in the UK?

I'm looking for 40mm diameter, and the only ones I can find are at Active Robots, which seem horrendously expensive.

Ideally, they would be the red and black ones as in OddBot's post here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/6901.


Navigate around using wireless video camera and bluetooth.
Using a
The reason it has no name is because it is basically a platform cobbled together by cannibalising some of my other projects. The only point in putting it together … Read more
Simple object avoidance
Using a
UPDATE 24/1/11 New video added of the thing actually working. I could spend forever tweeking the code, but at least I know that it does what it's supposed … Read more

Bob Lifts Bear - The Sequel

Especially for Gareth, who requested a sequel. It's all a bit silly, really, but fun making it. My Robonova has a new head, which I've managed to squeeze a servo, led board, and camera into. The camera isn't very good quality, but is an introduction for me in Object Recognition software. Also included is a simple bot using a Picaxe with 3 servos, 2 for driving and one for "Ted". It has all been done using simple delays and timing in both Robonova and "Ted's Truck". The "gun" is a modified ball point pen and party popper. The "bullet" is filed down plastic.

What causes servo "jitter" and how can I cure it?

Edit    Sorry, should have read this first.


Not sure I'll be able to implement fritsl's solution, though.


I have a humanoid robot, which has 16 original servos, plus I have added 2 standard servos in claws, and recently 2 more micro servos for the head.

These 2 micro servos occasionally get a bad case of the "jitters", not all the time, but intermittently.

Bob lifts bear.

I've been playing around with my Robonova, trying to get it to climb a rope. It is a lot more difficult than it appears, due to the balance when the robot is hanging by his hands. There is really not enough freedom of movement in his hands and arms, to do this successfully.

Anyway, he will pull on a rope though........ ;)

There's hope for us newbies...

This bloke started 2 years ago, with similar to the Start Here Robot.

He's come on a bit since then.

Coming soon.....

....to a Forum near you. :)


No prizes for guessing what it is.


Not Robot but still awesome video.

If you have ever flown an RC Helicopter, you will love this.