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fritsl, your new avatar picture is sooooo weird.


It gives me the eebee-jeebees, and makes MY eyes go funny!

How to wire up 6 led's on one 20mA pin question - SORTED

Edit 02/11/2010


And what a buzz when it worked.

Thank you all so much for your help, especially ignoblegnome (+others). I have yet to fit the board to my bot, but will do that tomorrow.

Although it uses the same chassis as my first robot, it is entirely different. I am trying to do an AmandaLDR as fritsl's, (except with LED's), so I will probably put it in the robot section (if it works).

I would like some advice on Line Following robot please

I'm about to modify my photovore to also give it line following ability, and have a couple of questions. I should mention I will be using LDR's.

1) What is the best colour LED to use to shine onto the floor, white, red or infra red?

2) Is it best to have the LED in front of the LDR, or to the side?

3) If to the side, should the LED be inside or outside the LDR?

4) Should the LDR be slightly lower than the LED or vice versa?

Thank you for your help.

What cameras are available

I'm really looking to the future at a project I'm planning, but wondered what camera setups are available.

It seems that a lot of people use the Blackfin(?), but I wondered what alternatives there are. Lots of mentions about the AVRCam, but that now seems unavailable.

Alternatively, a couple of years ago, I upgraded my security cameras, and have a couple of wireless cameras that I can "hack". Is that feasible?

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What is the width of a line?

This may sound like a dumb question, I'm afraid.

I'm planning on incorporating line following ability in my little robot, and wondered if there is a standard width of line used by everyone.

Obviously, I will allow tolerances, but don't want to mount the leds and ldr's too far apart, as presumably the bot will keep wandering from side to side. Conversely, too close and it will do the same (I imagine!).

Any suggestions anyone? (I know it's a bit like "How long is a piece of string" :)  )

Ultrasonic Range Finders Question


Does anyone know if the frequency used by these rangers, is in the range heard by dogs?

I'm thinking of getting a couple for a project, but don't want to use them if my dogs are going to become rabid.

Newbie says hello.

Hello everybody.

As I am completely new to this hobby, and the forum, I thought I'd better say hello before posting numerous questions I have to ask.

As said, I'm very new to robotics, electronics and especially programming, but am determined to learn, and enjoy myself along the way.