Let's Make Robots!

Starting with Arduino

Hi all,

I've been using many different Picaxe's for quite a while to develop different types of robots but ive never used or touched an Arduino.

i was thinking of buying one except i have no clue about the different types. is there a certain model that is simple to learn the basics with and are there any extra parts or tools i need to use Arduino.

Thanks, Will

trouble with passkey using Bluesmirf Gold and Picaxe

I recently received a Bluesmirf Gold module from little bird electronics and am struggling to connect the Picaxe to Pc using bluetooth. when i open the bluetooth icon in the taskbar and press "add" it finds a device named "FireFly-16FF" i am asuming this is the bluesmirf module.. i stabilise a connection with the option "no-passkey" selected and everything seems fine. the module is wired up to the picaxe Serial in and serial out pins and i am using the serrxd command.

Sensing temp on picaxe 20x2 with LM335

I just recently purchased a LM335 temperature sensor.

i wired it up to my 20x2 as shown in the datasheet and measured the adc input.

the only data im receiving is a constant 39 on the adc input, any ideas why this isn't working?

and by the way its not 39 degrees as i live in Tasmania. :)


Any ideas for a simple bot??

hello everyone,

im looking for a few ideas to make a simple robot using a picaxe 20x2.

i have an ir distance sensor, ldr's,motors,l293d,servo's,thermistor,and colour sensor.

any basic robot projects using these components would be greatly appreciated.

the challenges section doesn't get many ideas!!

thanks everyone

Controlling servo with PC using Visual Basic and PICAXE 08M

i am attempting to control a servo by clicking a button on my PC. From what i understand i have to use Visual Basic. i have not used VB before and dont really understand it. i noticed this instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/Control-real-world-devices-with-your-PC/ and have tried to build the circuit many times but it just isnt working.

HPWM only one motor working??

Hey guys,

i have another question about the good ol' HPWM function on the picaxe.

i am using a picaxe 20x2 and this is my code:


hpwm pwmfull_f,pwmhhhh,10,200,500

pause 1000

hpwm pwmfull_f,pwmhhhh,10,200,800

pause 1000

goto main


How do i connect the I2C/TWI LCD1602 module to picaxe 20x2?

I recently found this LCD http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/i2ctwi-lcd1602-module and was wondering how i connect it to a picaxe 20x2 and also how do i program it??


How to wire and program rn-42 BT to picaxe

I have a PICAXE 20x2 and a rn-42 BT module and i don't have a clue how to wire them, program the picaxe or program the computer to control 2 dc motors from my computer.

any help would be appreciated


Digital Detection Of Black And White With IR LED And Phototransistor

I have been using a simple Black/white detection circuit with my picaxe to make a line following robot.

i wired up a circuit like the one below and programmed the Picaxe with the code below.

basicly what it did was when the IR LED/Phototransistor pair detected black it sent the number 1 to my computer and when it saw white it sent the number 0. this worked fine with the circuit wired exactly like it is below, but when i changed the Picaxe input to a different pin it just kept constantly sending 0's to my computer.