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Question about batteries

Hi again,

I have a RC Apache helicopter from JayCar (Australia) and 'I think' the battery is dead, seeing it won't turn on. I know its has 7.4 volts and is 850Ah, but to replace the battery would cost $50.

Would it be possible to replace the battery with 5 1.5v AA or AAA bateries instead?


Picaxe Laser Tag

Well hi!!!

Glad to apart of the community.

Got some questions about my system, i'm not so confident with myself.

What is the cheapest sound effect system (for gun sounds) is there?
multipelxing 16 LEDS on 8 pins........HOW THE HELL??
Can some one tell me if this code looks good (in attachments), the gun code DOESN"T HAVE THE MULTIPLEXING LEDS code in it

Thanks guys, I will make a robot next project i promise!