Let's Make Robots!

Very clean designed DELTA 3D printer

How does it look? Not only the design but the printouts are pretty neat as well.

As I know it start from about USD $1000+

4 tons real robot

This robot is insanely huge and human rideable.


Wheel leg robot

Old school concept but very interesting improvement. I am surprised by these small design on wheels and gears.

The machine itself seems pretty heavy but those motors or servos handle it with no problem.

Flying man with magnet

I am not sure how it works but its cool.

$1 dollar touch panel?

Sorry, this is all writen in Chinese but I guess you guys still get the idea.





One of my friend who made this back home Taiwan. Thought this is kinda fun so I post it up.

Home made tracks + brushless motor

This 40A brushless motor kinda surprise me that they really works. Well, for now at least. I don't know if they works with 2 belt in different directions. Gotta go get 9 teeth sprocket for another motor.

The reason why I use brushless motor is because the controller is way cheaper than those high power brushed motor speed controller(50A+). Could anyone tell me why they are so fxxking expensive? like $400~$800 USD??


In film it says the hexacopter left up nearly 6kg(13 pounds) in the air.

That's kinda powerful...

M.T.M.P. + Grass trimmer

Well... bad choice of the motor I guess. I use 2 brushless motors from a quadroter.

The motor is getting slow after cutting grass for seconds. If I have it spin freely it runs OK as long as it should. Any ideas??

(I use 30C 3S lipo 5AH, shouldn't be power problem. )

Size down M.T.M.P. for test drive

Finally got my speed controller back and have finish the cover case. I kinda quickly assemble them all together and have test run to see if new design has better performance. I am glad it works much better after I reduce the size and sacrifice a lot of parts. (I still like the large size design but it's hell too heavy for the motors I used.)

After I got my controller done I will post detail on robot section. Just wanna prevent updating the old shit again and again on homepage.