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Should I use 1K resister for switch on arduino?

Hi all,

I know this is basic question but not sure if I did it right? I use the switch as picture shown below. Do I need to connect 1K ohm in digital pin in order to get digitalread() "1" or "0" in result?

The result I got looks funny. I have 3 of those switchs in MEGA board. The result seems delay or sometime it trigger the pin beside it as well. It's a bit hard to debug unstable result. Hope anyone could help me. Thanks!

"explode" array in arduino!?

// My array look like this in string

Question: How to choose the wire?

Yeah, I know this should be the basic question but I flip the page too fast and skip that chapter.

OK, the situation is the wire getting very hot when motor is running. Basically there are 2 sizes of wire I am using, thin and thick. From the image below the battery wire is thick one and the wire on controller is thinner one. Also, wires from motor are thinner, too and that's why I thought thinner wire might work as well? Now, please notice the wire after the connector from battery become thinner, this is the section getting hot when operation is going.

Arduino code question and problem.

Can anyone help me to take a look of the code following? CODE 1 works fine to have motor runs forward and backward:

Suggestion: getting sick to see UPDATE without much update.

No offensive but I am kinda sick to see some robot over and over again without major updating on home page. Maybe they did that for some good reasons. May I suggest to have function to BLOCK those robots personally? So, who ever getting sick to see some robot they can block it and other can still see it? (Someone may hate my robot too so they can block me.)

Anyone knows where to get joystick component like RC remote controller

Anyone knows where to get joystick component like RC remote controller? Not PS2 type of joystick.

Thanks for any info.

Identify wiper motor.

Anyone can identify the positive, negative and other pins for this motor?

I tried it and B seems like common and Positive to A or C is the different direction it spins. However, the wire become a bit hot after few sec. It confused me if I did it right.

So, anyone knows spec and detail for this wiper motor? The motor is from Nissan Altima.

Thanks if anyone could help~

Does anyone know if Arduino Mega support up to 16 servos?

Hi all,

I have 12 servos connected on mega with no problem. However, when I try to add up to 14 or 16 servos, at least 2 of servos are not working. I am not sure if it only support certain amount of servo or something?


What was this...UFO?

Yeah, totally off topic. After that topic about alien code something pop up from my mind. Years ago I was on my way back Taiwan from Canada on pacific ocean. I saw one of this thingy from my plane: