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What's difference inbetween parking and braking?

I am looking for a dual motor controller board and I found this one:


Something confuse me thou, what's different for PARK & BRAKE? is it like the shift N and P in the car?

Wheel leg robot

Old school concept but very interesting improvement. I am surprised by these small design on wheels and gears.

The machine itself seems pretty heavy but those motors or servos handle it with no problem.

This is another similar type of "Start Here" robots. Wheels, MCU, IR sensor etc. Just trying to build a smallest robot I'd ever build. Thanks for Chris's NANO … Read more
_____________________________________update 2012,01-05 I add another 11:33 chain to reduce the speed and increase the torque. Much better decision and satisfied … Read more

One battery for all!? Could that be the problem?

Look at the video. I connect a 11.1V lipo for all the devices include all relays, lights and Arduino. I am not sure if this is a good idea or I should seprate the power source. If so, what's the best setting?? All lights are base on 12V and the motors are 24V and they have their own power source so I am not worry about it. I have use the servos instead just to show the power(PWM?) seems getting low even when I have my control in full speed and Arduino end up reset by itself. After few second it truns back on but slow down again and so on...

Anyone know what did I do wrong?

Flying man with magnet

I am not sure how it works but its cool.

Ground wire with multiple batteries

Maybe it's stupid to ask this question:

Should I connect all ground wire together with multiple different voltage batteries?

Don't know if this is correct, I never connect batteries ground wire all together when I build such robots. I build a machine with 24V for motors and 12V for other sensors, light etc. Recently I keep hearing about ground wire should connected together in one machine. I am a bit confusing since I don't know much about electronics. Am I hearing the correct information? It won't cause any shortage, sparks or even burned?

$1 dollar touch panel?

Sorry, this is all writen in Chinese but I guess you guys still get the idea.




32 servo controller / arduino sample code

I wonder if any LMRtians use this servo board before. Got this one long time ago but haven't use it since SSC-32 works pretty good and I thought this board probably works the same way. Unfortunately, it's not. I have connect RX/TX to Arduino but the code doesn't work at all. The manual doesn't provide any sample code for Arduino but someting like:

He modified this ground unit with machine gun. Ok, first of all this is not my robot. It's from one of my buddy ShaoPing @Taiwan who doesn't speak English and shy … Read more