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Is there a device convert webcam USB to A/V adapter??

I know there's something to convert A/V signal to USB like this:


But is there any device convert up sit way from USB to A/V? What I want to do is plug any webcam to TV via A/V cable.

Home made tracks + brushless motor

This 40A brushless motor kinda surprise me that they really works. Well, for now at least. I don't know if they works with 2 belt in different directions. Gotta go get 9 teeth sprocket for another motor.

The reason why I use brushless motor is because the controller is way cheaper than those high power brushed motor speed controller(50A+). Could anyone tell me why they are so fxxking expensive? like $400~$800 USD??

Multiple bend sensors for Arduino

I am trying to build robot control by finger movement so I choose flex band sensor. Anyone has suggestion how to wire it up?

I tried 2 sensors, the A0 sensor works but A1 doesn't. I think the way to wire them up is tricky and confused me. Single sensor was easy, but up to 2 I have no idea how it works.

Here is the code I use:


Anyone using Thing-O-Matic 3D printer in LMR??

Yeah, you can LOL at this crap. This is what I got for first print "20MM cube".

Before I got the whole thing working there are so many detail I have to adjust. It has too many versions on parts and instruction is every where. However, I got it to print out SOMETHING finally.

I2C on Arduino Duemilanove / Mega


It's been while having this strange problem and it seems only myself having this issue. All my Arduinos atmega328 (either offical or mutants) couldn't work with LCD correctly but MEGA works perfectly fine. Recently my project are using WIRE library a lot and they seems not function well. Especially after execute the Wire.endTransmission(); in the line everythign stopped until hit RESET on Arduino.

Program freezed after Wire.endTransmission();

Has anyone ever seen this problem when using WIRE library? Recently I am trying MP3 player, RTC and other device with strange issue and it all points to when I use wire library the process halt right after the line "Wire.endTransmission();"

For example:

The other day was talking to a friend who is animageek. She was asking: "Why don't you build a Tachikoma? It looks like doable!". Man! That's way far than what I … Read more

8x common anode RGB LED + resisters choices

Hi all,

I am planning to have 4 pair of common anode RGB LEDs and have each pair in Front-Left(FL), Front-Right(FR), Rear-Left(RL) and Real-Right(RR). Now, I am going to wire them up each pair so in the end to Arduino I will have R,G,B and common anode on each side.

Here is my question, where and which resister I should use? Should I connect both common anode in 5V or 3v3? Should I use resisters in each pin in RGB or common RGB after I connect them all together or common anode?

If you have better suggestion please let me know how to wire such setting up. Thanks a lot!

question about these numbers for "±3 / 11g" etc...

I saw one of those stores promote their new products and I always wondering what are those number stand for?

Such as: "±3 / 11g" Accelerometer or "±400° / s" Gyroscope..... What are those ± numbers and g or s means?