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About wild thumper robot controller with XBee

Not sure if anyone done this before and I couldn't find anyone actually connect this controller with XBee. Does anyone know the proper way to connect XBee? D0 & D1 won't interfere with anything else?

This is the XBee remote control done by a guy who basically just know put everything together with not much electronic. Yep, please go easy on me for this one. All … Read more

Sending string via XBee and

I am sending string from Arduino to Arduino via Xbee. I don't know if this is the proper way to do it and I am open to know any feedbacks. Here is what I do, I am sending something from A and  it looks like:


Now, B is getting this string and trying to analyze it. Here is my code:


  if (Serial.available() > 0) {

    char incomingString = Serial.read();



Should I use 1K resister for switch on arduino?

Hi all,

I know this is basic question but not sure if I did it right? I use the switch as picture shown below. Do I need to connect 1K ohm in digital pin in order to get digitalread() "1" or "0" in result?

The result I got looks funny. I have 3 of those switchs in MEGA board. The result seems delay or sometime it trigger the pin beside it as well. It's a bit hard to debug unstable result. Hope anyone could help me. Thanks!


In film it says the hexacopter left up nearly 6kg(13 pounds) in the air.

That's kinda powerful...

Do whatever you want to add on.
For using this track with timing belt as same way as I did, the robot must be under 30 pounds (As light as possible). It will be very difficult to make turn because … Read more

"explode" array in arduino!?

// My array look like this in string

M.T.M.P. + Grass trimmer

Well... bad choice of the motor I guess. I use 2 brushless motors from a quadroter.

The motor is getting slow after cutting grass for seconds. If I have it spin freely it runs OK as long as it should. Any ideas??

(I use 30C 3S lipo 5AH, shouldn't be power problem. )

Size down M.T.M.P. for test drive

Finally got my speed controller back and have finish the cover case. I kinda quickly assemble them all together and have test run to see if new design has better performance. I am glad it works much better after I reduce the size and sacrifice a lot of parts. (I still like the large size design but it's hell too heavy for the motors I used.)

After I got my controller done I will post detail on robot section. Just wanna prevent updating the old shit again and again on homepage.

useless machine evolved

I think most people has seen USELESS MACHINE already but this one is totally cool but still useless. haha...