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transformers megatron tank!?

It looks cool but it just an art of metal. For detail and more photos:


What was this...UFO?

Yeah, totally off topic. After that topic about alien code something pop up from my mind. Years ago I was on my way back Taiwan from Canada on pacific ocean. I saw one of this thingy from my plane:

Have you seen/used this GYRO sensor before?

Gyro Breakout Board - LPR5150AL

Never use this board before. so I try this code in Arduino:

const int analogInPin1 = A1;

const int analogInPin2 = A2;

int sensorValue1 = 0;

Here are few crazy robots in China......


I just need to make a note to myself to grab one of this when I have enough saving. Teehee!!

12V LED Dimmer in Arduino


I am trying to make a 12V LED strip dimmer and found this from arduino forum.


This was working for my first attempt but transistor seems like dead after 2nd try next day.

Any idea for better solutions? Thanks in advance for anyone.


What's proper way to make multiple XBee controller?

I am not so familiar with XBee module. Only know how to communicate one to one and I am planning to make one controller that able to control multiple devices with XBee. What I can think of is have all remote devices with different PAN ID and switching PAN ID on controller every time. However I don't feel that's the proper way to do it. So, I am here to search for help and advices. Thanks for anyone who can help.

Connect 2 brushless motor w/ single LiPo battery

I am trying to connect 2 motors with one battery. It works OK but 2 motor doesn't spin in same speed or start at same time. So, was wondering something wrong in my setting? Should I add something in between to have 2 motor kinda sync together?

In the image I have point out A,B,C,D,E spots. If I need to add anything on those spots? Or should I just using 2 batteries instead of one? Furthermore, if I wanna make quadrotor or six, eight motors and so on. What's the best solution?

I thought it was one of the rule to join the great community, so I spend this weekend to make this "Start Here" robot by using Arduino with motor shield from … Read more