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General InformationNon Pneumatic Tire / Airless Tire (actually just the wheel), matching tire and hub attachment (for printing the wheel without supports) Some … Read more

LMRnet AKA LMR IoT (Internet of Things) Data Service


AKA LMR IoT (Internet of Things) Data Service

Some days ago I saw in sparkfun news this particular one about their new Data Service (https://www.sparkfun.com/news/1527).
After that I asked Frits and Matt if we could host something similar on LMR's servers.

After my old trusty analog multimeter's 0Ω adjust pot stopped working I had no reliable way to measure my resistors. Read more

Parallax HB-25 Motor Controllers and Braking

In a robot my friend and I are building we are using 2 Parallax HB-25 Motor Controllers to control 2 motors.
The problem I am having is making the motor brake (as in freeze robot from moving).

Tracked Telepresence Robot

A friend of mine (Dimos) from another site (www.GRobot.gr) started building a tracked robot that would be operated remotely.


How can I find out if the CNY70's receiver is fried?

The other day I was trying to reprogram my old bot's line follower and I think I have a CNY70 (http://www.vishay.com/docs/83751/cny70.pdf) that is fried.

The line follower schematics is http://www.adrirobot.it/robot_deagostini/line_follower/line_follower.htm (Fascicolo n°49) and the program I used is described in Fascicolo n°57

The problem is that 1 of the CNY's in the program is always showing that is has a line under it even if it has none. The others work fine. Is there a way to check if the CNY's receiver part is fried?