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how to power servos individually

well hai,
              i have been working on a arm with three micro servos on an arduino. i am not able to figure out how to power them up because i actually tried connect the ground and input wires in series with each other but that did not go well.so i am lukin for an alternative on how to power them up.can you guys help me out  please??
                           thank you

power problem

hello everybody,

setup:robotic hand 5 servos and 5 flex sensor made up of aluminum and resistive material and arduino duemilanove

power supply

hello everybody,

one more

 i have 5 servos which need 5v pin i have only one of it in my board now what help me.

servo not working

hi guys i have a query please try helping me out i have brought 5 servos from hobbyking in which one of them is not working

it got stuck it is not moving its shaft i think so it is jammed now what should i do


hi guys,

                 i am working on a robotic hand with 5 servos and 5 flex sensors.the problem is i have only one ground for 5 pins to be grounded on arduino board how do i connect them

reading graph

hi everybody this is harsha i am a beginner actually.i am not new to this site but new to the forum.I have sme home made flex sensors that i made using velostat and few other thingsand an arduino.my problem here is i would like to read the graph of the fsr but havge no idea.i tried reading the arduino tutorial but it was helpless.pls someone solve my problem.itried even arduino serial monitor but it only showed numbers which i dont want.